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Selected topics of supervised diploma and PhD thesis


  • Spyware: design, structure and functionality

  • Creating an open-source tool for automatic penetration testing for teaching purposes

  • The possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in cyber ​defence

  • Malware and the possibilities of its evolution

  • Forensic analysis in computer security

  • Cyber ​​weapons - their use in attack and defence

  • Malware with Artificial Intelligence - perspectives and options

  • The strategy of modern computer attacks and defence against them

AI and various

  • Intelligent systems at the edge of chaos

  • Crowdsourcing and extensive data collection

  • The use of gamesourcing and collective intelligence in computer games to solve problems

  • Astroinformatics data processing

  • Unknown texts analysis

  • Intelligent bot in StarCraft: Brood War

  • Analytical Programming in C #

  • Unconventional Methods in Big Data Analysis

  • Collective intelligence in gamesourcing and computer games

  • Analysis of evolutionary dynamics using complex networks

  • Time series analysis

  • Modelling and Simulation of Discrete Systems on Parallel Computers

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