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  • High school of Electrotechnics, Brno: 1984 – 1989, specialization – Automatization & Control

  • Central Commercial Bank, Prague: 1994 – 1995, one year course for young managers with certificate – Manager ’94

  • Technical University of Brno (Dipl. Ing.): 1989 - 1995, Faculty of Electrotechnics, Department of Automatic Control, specialization – Technical

    • Cybernetic modeling

    • Diploma work abstract:
      In this diploma work aremodeled economical systems and subsystems by means of physical analogy. It is divided into two parts. In the firstone there was used a neural network for stock exchange modeling and prediction. In the second one there was done modeling by classical mathematical tools. This tools was Lagrange (Joseph Lois Lagrange, 1736-1813) differential equation which lead to system of first order ODEs. Economic systems (market, bank & factory) here were ”replaced” by physical analogy i.e. by mass on spring which were connected among themselves. All simulations were compared with real economic system behaviour.

    • Diploma work name: Economic system modelling


  • Tomas Bata University in Zlin (PhD), : 1996 – 2001, Institute of Information Technologies, specialization – Technical Cybernetic
    (artificial intelligence)

    • Dissertation work name: Prediction and analysis of behavior
      of dynamical systems by means of artificial intelligence and synergetic.

    • Dissertation work abstract: Main aim is to use them for prediction and analysis of behavior of dynamical systems, especially of given chemical reactor. From artificial intelligence field are used here two new algorithms – Differential evolution and SOMA (Self-Organizing Migrating Algorithm) which was developed by author of this dissertation on spring 1999. The algorithm SOMA was presented on various conferences and symposiums (see [Zelinka 1999m], [Zelinka 1999o], [Zelinka 2000], [Zelinka 2000a], [Zelinka, Lampinen 2000a], [Zelinka, Lampinen 2000b], [Zelinka, Lampinen 2000c]). Differential evolution was used for comparison with SOMA here. Also three mathematical proofs for SOMA promotion are done here including numerical simulations. This entire staff was used to proof that SOMA is very robust algorithm in sense of global extreme searching.The SOMA algorithm is further used for static optimization of chemical reactor to improve its parameters, consequently its dynamical behavior and is used for simple version of predictive control too. From the synergetic field is studied here stability of given reactor including its structural stability (see Thom’s Catastrophe theory [Gilmore R. 1993], [Arnold V.I. 1991] and [Poston T., Stewart I. 1977]) and SOMA classification like memetic algorithm – algorithms which shows synergetic attributes (see [Lampinen, Zelinka 1999b]). All-important results are discussed at the end of each chapter and at the end of whole dissertation too. The methods of artificial intelligence and synergetic are used in this dissertation.


  • Technical University of Brno (Assoc. prof.): 2004, Faculty of Electrotechnics


  • VSB-Technical University of Ostrava (Professor): 2010, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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