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  1. Siemens award for PhD thesis - 04.12.2001 my PhD thesis was awarded by Siemens company and Association of the Czech Technical Universities by the Siemens Award like one of the best thesis in the year 2001.

  2.  Award of Journal „Software news“ for the book „Artificial Intelligence – Danger or Hope?“ - My book „Artificial Intelligence - Ominousness or Hope“ was awarded by „Software Newspaper“ journal as a product of the month of November.

  3.  Best Paper of ECMS 2005 - Zelinka Ivan: Investigation on Evolutionary Deterministic Chaos Control - Extended Study

  4.  Best Paper of ECMS 2007

  5.  Distinguished participation of ICICIS’02, Cairo, Egypt

  6. Best paper at The Euro-China Conference on Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications, Fuzhou, China Oct 2016, 1st place with project ”Real-time air pollution prediction with agile response system”

  7.  Best Paper, The International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation (UCNC), France, Phase transitions in swarm optimization algorithms, 201

  8. My Ph.D. student Donald Davendra was awarded by the Siemens Award like one of the best thesis in the year 2009.

  9. My Ph.D. students (Plucar and Dubec) got Microsoft awards for language localization of MS Visual Studio 

  10. in 2019 we ger prestigious national award Visionary 2019 for the applied research on secure communication.

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